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Good news for people who love bad news.

Who: Doc Scratch, Touko Aozaki and the friendly neighborhood Postman
What: Scratch and Touko go to talk with the Postman.
Where: Post Office
When: Thursday September 20th
Warnings: who the hell even knows to be honest...

[The Post Office. Scratch never did like this place. It was a place where suckers went to, thinking they could draw a lucky card out of a million and hit the jackpot. Instead what they got was an amputated arm or a lost memory or something for their precious item. And normally the trades would hardly be of equal value. It wasn't worth to gamble with someone who had every card hidden in the cuff of his sleeve. So not even once since coming to Mayfield over a year ago did Scratch consider going into such a place.

But, he must remark that this strange Postman inside must be quite the con artist if he could find suckers to come into his parlor so easily.

Now he's standing outside it, next to the woman who asked him to come all this way with her to talk with the man. Scratch agreed only out of curiosity toward the one who delivered the regains and made it so that the people in town would be returned to their original state of being. Why would someone who is working with the town do something so bizarre?

You realize that we could both die here.

[He says it as a fact. The Postman, however much of a wildcard he is, may still prove to be as deadly as the rest of them. There's no telling what could happen.]

(Post order is Scratch  -> Touko -> Postman)
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Of course. Is that a problem, Doctor? [She gives a faint shrug, after inhaling another breath of her dying cigarette. It'd be rude to smoke indoors, after all, so perhaps she should finish this before they go in. Hm, she doesn't need to elaborate. As observers, Scratch ought to know every bit as well as she does that the dead comes back - and even with the notable amount of droning since the last of the portals a few weeks back, if a person doesn't wake up as themselves, one COULD assume that they just went home.

Neither option really phased people like them, did it? That's why dying here is meaningless. Not getting cold feet now, are we?]
You know how dull things get around here when the town isn't the one pushing its people. We may as well try the reverse, while the chance is still present. [after all, things have picked up a strange sort of pace, she's quite sure that he can feel the same without her needing to remark out loud.]
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I don't know about you, but I don't intend to be forceful. I wasn't around when the Postman had his legendary showdown with the Milkman, [she continues with undisguised amusement,] but I've heard impressive tales. Con artist or not, you should understand the basis for his type, hm? The wild card that doesn't seem to be allied with any side in particular, though it's hard to say whether our neighborhood mailman is a man of self-interest or not. That sort of individual should be at least somewhat receptive to small talk, let's just be patient.

[Still looking unconcerned for all the world, she takes a step towards the door.] Ah, I don't mind not having any aces in the sleeve for something like this. I know it's a human concept that you may disagree with, but surprises can be good sometimes, hm~?

[so just chill and roll with the punches, etc. Coming in, Doc? She'll end up holding the door for you at this rate, and how ungentlemanly would THAT be??]
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It's just a situational frame. Besides, I enjoy a good twist here and there.

[Loosen up, Doc. ...But then again, you agreed to accompany a rather frivolous and whimsical woman on a possible suicide mission to chat up with a potentially deadly authority figure of the town. Still, it's not like you'd have anything better to do with your time anyway... #MayfieldLifeChoices. So OKAY, let's get this show on the road.

He'll just get a small nod from the back of her part before she busies herself with calling our beloved Postman out. Gonna toss aside her cigarette butt and put on her glasses and everything, enter the amazingly genki~☆ Touko Aozaki!! If only she was a decade younger huh]

Good afternoon!~ We're sorry to intrude, mister Postman, but hopefully you're not too busy at the moment?
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[The Postman bustles out of the back room as cheerfully as always, giving Touko a wink and a once over.]

Never too busy for a pretty lady like you, sweetheart. [He notices Scratch and winces theatrically.] Oooh, sorry Doc, but we're still looking for that cueball head of yours - must have gotten lost in shipping somehow or maybe misplaced in the back room. I'll forget my own head next, haha!
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[And Touko'll just grace it with a ladylike giggle on her end. This is starting off well!

No, really. Scratch may not agree with her, but people with a sense of humor were always more pleasant to deal with than the stoic silent types.]

That's good to hear, and I'm sure he'll recover. You must have been busy, with people getting things back in the mail recently, but that should have calmed down by now, I'd think. Either way, we were hoping to talk a bit and ask you a few questions, if you don't mind to have a small chat? Nothing involving trade business though, I'm afraid. We're already quite satisfied with your services, as far as individual wants are concerned.

[...okay so Scratch might not be, not entirely...

He can just deal with it.]
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[He raises an eyebrow.]

Two and a half years I've been here, and now you fellas want to chat? What makes you think I've got anything I want saying to a bunch of useless idiots who'll just mill around uselessly until the next time the big guys decide to fuck you over?
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Oh? [Giving a lazy glance to her 'escort' before looking back at the Post Officer.] You're right, we could just go on our usual business and it'll be the status quo for everyone like always. We've yet to be appalled by anything the town's pulled, though you'll have to forgive this particular visit as the fruit of pure whimsy of a woman's part. Maybe Ms. Johnson would understand better? She's a difficult person to reach, however, as far as I'm aware of.

['joking' set aside, because she sure isn't about to drop her pretty face soon, Touko IS going to raise a hand to toy with the frame of her glasses... Completely innocuous gesture, of course, and she's still at ease whether or not the room's accumulated sudden tension.]

Two and a half years though, hm? I haven't really come here personally, but I'm sure that you've done a service to a great number of people here. Is the position to your liking? More than most others in town with their jobs, hopefully? [First attempt to gauge just how much disdain he might have, for the ones trapped here and for his own special line of work. This should be a good place to start... maybe.]
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[A bark of laughter.] Ha! Nice try, but I've got no problem with it if you wanna seek out the hag instead. Hell, it'd be pretty damn funny watching her waste you two for nothing.

And don't try to fake interest or butter me up, princess. I know what you're here for - and if you want it, you're gonna have to pay for it. I don't do anything for free.
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Life can be so hard when you don't appreciate your own good looks, hm?~

[they all need to stop and focus on business... no really, after a beat, she'll reroute her attention.]

Naturally, nothing in the world is free, though you wouldn't complain if we ask about what sort of price that may entail, would you? Your usual deal is something of ours for something of ours, there's a fairness to that. However, how does the concept of payment change, if it's about information and your personal opinion of Mayfield as we know it?

[It is a confounding point, and she definitely won't rush into anything without careful consideration. Asking about the terms of a tentative negotiation seems reasonable though, and she'll give Scratch a quick glance in mild curiosity of what he thinks. If he stays quiet, that's the direction she'll be driving.]
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Information's just as valuable as what I've got stored in the backroom, lady - hell, more so than most of the shit back there. You would not believe how many ugly clothes I gotta keep for you people.

So here's the deal: we play this the same way we'd do any other trade. You can ask me questions and I'll answer them truthfully...for a fee.
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Oh? That's interesting. Clothes aren't generally worth very much, true, but with your services, they can be received by the same token as extraordinary powers. We should all be expendable to you, our abilities included, but the fact that you're willing to negotiate information for our regains attribute a certain amount of value to them. ...That is, provided that you're truthful about your offer.

[one hand in her pocket, she's toying with her cigarette box, the other is still resting on the frame of her glasses. But they're being pushed down, now, tilted on the bridge of her nose and ready to come off.]

One last question about the deal of the nature itself then, if you don't mind. What you will take from us - shall we be able to choose what to give up, or at least, be informed in advance the exact cost that a question shall warrant before you answer? You normally check the price tag before buying something, after all, then decide if you can afford it or not. I'm not a stingy woman in the least, [re: blowing all her fortune on a Ouija board and then shamelessly ask her own employee to lend her cash - AFTER telling him she can't pay him that month...] but I get more cautious when there's no way to check the authenticity of the goods I'm after. That's understandable, isn't it? Would that be too much to ask for, mister Postman?

[batting her eyelashes here and all, but nah she's not relying on her feminine wiles in the least. Her demeanor is that of a woman ready to gamble, and gamble hard - just that before she starts, she'd like to test the waters out a bit more and see if she can't negotiate some more favorable terms. When you're as experienced as she is in drowning debts because of frivolous spending habits, you start developing an edge to these sort of things. She's checking those loopholes now, Scratch, if you don't mind giving her a sec more.]
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Jeez, you sure do talk a lot, lady. Unless you two are as dumb as the rest of the morons out there, which I haven't ruled out yet, you should know full well how much your questions are worth without me having to hold your hand. Not my problem if you're too stupid to ask the right ones.

And no, you don't get to know ahead of time what fees you'll be paying. That's not how this place works.

Oh, and one more thing...[he snaps his fingers, and Scratch's oracle cueball and Touko's photo album appear in his hands.] You'll both be paying the fee for each question you ask, so I suggest you think them over carefully. Or not, I don't really give a damn.

[OOC: all regains will be returned at the end of the post, don't worry!]
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[Hmm, that album...

It hold some rather dear memories, but pictures are just that, silly tangible mementos. She doesn't need physical reminders, so the cost doesn't phase her in the least.

Anyway, the pleasantries have been exchanged. Now that they're really cracking down on business, Touko'll remove her glasses and tuck them away in her coat pocket.]

I'm curious about that, too. Educated guesses can only go so far.

[...Provided that the inquiry can be answered, at any rate. Either way, she's ok with that question.]
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...really, you couldn't figure it out for yourselves? Whatever, not my shit I gotta give up. Zemekis created it.

[and with that, Scratch's teleportation and Touko's box of spirits are now gone. also go ahead and assume that any regains they don't have on them right now will appear on the counter when taken.]
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[And she too. You get a sense of attachment to the stuff you've created with your own two hands, after all. ...Ah well, it was mostly there to look fancy. She never did get much use out of it in town.]

I'm calling the next one, if you would be a gentleman and allow it, Doctor Scratch.

[An idle remark, but otherwise, she'll keep listening.]
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Holy moly, you might actually be one of the dumbest sacks I've had the displeasure of talking to in this whole damn town. Who cares who started the war? When two sides hate each other enough to try to blow each other off the planet and take out the rest of the world while they're at it, whether it's America against Russia or Kyrgyzstan against Djibouti makes no goddamn difference.

But if you really have to know, it was America and Soviet Union. Hope that totally useless knowledge was worth it. [and there goes Scratch's omniscience and Touko's projection box.]
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[Meanwhile Touko next to him is poised as always - though she now is holding an unlit cigarette in her left hand in midair. If Scratch turned around quickly enough, he might've caught sight of a bright Norse rune glowing in midair, but it doesn't take more than an eyeblink before the symbol vanishes back into nothing at all.]

Ah, you're right, I certainly don't care, Post Officer, and based on your past record, you sure don't either. My turn then, and allow me to express thanks for not having taken back my magecraft just yet. So why have you taken the 'job' here, working this position in Mayfield? ["what's in it for you?"

She won't ask that out loud. No need to have him knock that out as a separate question, even if it sort of is one that she'd also like to hear an answer for. It's times like these when the difference showed: Scratch's impartial regard to the world, and Touko's selfish appraisal of the individual. As one who is inhuman, naturally her 'friend' is incapable of the latter. So if he'll excuse the lady, now...]