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Who: Luke and anyone who wanted to go on the highway exploration
What: An exploration of the highway turns ugly when the exploration group gets attacked by some very hungry bears.
Where: The Highway
When: In the evening on October 6th
Warnings: Violence, severe injury, possible death, also whatever punishment Mayfield dishes out for blowing up the gas station.

[Well today was the day. After announcing an invitation to go on an exploration to the highway, Luke had spent his Saturday getting packed up and ready for the trip. He honestly didn't think the trip would be all that exciting, but if they were going out to the forest it didn't hurt to be prepared. With his backup stuffed full of things he thinks he might need and taking his cane with him (after the Void he learned to keep some kind of weapon on him), he sets off for the highway to meet up with the people who wanted to come along.]
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[his hands are shaking, but eventually he's able to get a flame to spark from the worn little Zippo.]

- Keep running! This is gonna be big!

[for one very brief instant, the world seems to slow down. grabbing Luke by the hand, Once-ler rears back and chucks the lighter at the trail of gas the boy's spilled around the station. he doesn't even look back; rather, he just starts running with the kid in tow as far away as he can.]
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[don't forget the diner. a few of the bears are starting to make their way out of the restaurant; it's the last Once-ler sees of them before the whole building is engulfed by a big, orange ball of fire, an explosion that rocks the surrounding area and literally knocks Once-ler off his feet.

he doesn't realize that he's been shielding Luke all this time until he opens one eye, searching for the boy's face first and foremost before he even thinks about looking back at the blazing wreckage behind them. his face feels hot, streaked with dirt and blood and grime, eyes wide with absolutely, disbelieving befuddlement as he watches the diner's roof collapse.

oh. my. gosh.]

. . .
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[see? it's just like he said: crazy works. it always has. so what if he's a colossal screw-up who has never and will never do anything right? he just blew up two buildings (two!) along with an entire pack of bloodthirsty, maneating bears. that's gotta count for something, right?

Once-ler doesn't reply to Luke, but his shoulders start shaking. at first, you'd be safe in assuming that he's crying, even sobbing, but nope. that's not the case at all.

he's laughing.]
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[it has to count for something, it just has to.]

H-Heheheh, hahaha...! Ahahaha!

[he's shaking so hard that he can't stop himself from falling backwards onto the grass. his eyes are closed and he's cupping the side of his head with one hand, tittering and giggling up a storm. it's the giddy, gleeful type of laughter that, although not wholly appropriate given the situation, is still rather understandable all things considered. why shouldn't he be happy? they're alive.

so what if they spent what felt like hours in that dark, claustrophobic little building, more or less waiting to be eaten alive? so what if Luke almost lost his arm? so what? why should it matter now that they're out? all it cost was a few dead bears. fair trade, right?]


[it's so much more shaky, that laughter. unsteady. it persists until it's painfully and embarrassingly obvious that he isn't just laughing anymore. not like he was really sincerely laughing to begin with, but he doesn't have any reason to hide it anymore. his hand shifts to cover his face as does his other free hand as he starts to cry in deep shuddering breaths.

they did everything they could to survive and it paid off against all odds. why, then, does he feel so awful about it?]
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[the only way they could have avoided this is if they had stayed back home, but then what? what else would they do? stay in their houses and wait for Mayfield to come up with more creative, wacky ways to kill them? at least here he felt like he was doing something productive. for a few hours, he actually felt like he was doing something good, something that would help people. he's only ever felt that way once, and this time it had nothing to do with his Thneed or the forest or his family. this was real.

Luke doesn't go unnoticed, but it's only until the boy wraps his arms around the older man's neck that Once-ler really reacts. he doesn't even hesitate when he pulls Luke close to him in a tight, tight hug, burying his face against the other's smaller body. he could never blame Luke for any of this; the idea hasn't even occurred to him.

he holds him that way for what feels like a very, very long time.]
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