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General Log: April Fools

Who: Everyone
What: Prank Threads
When: April 1 - 4
Where: Mayfield
Warnings: Please put in subthread titles any warnings
Notes: This is a general log post for any small prank threads you want to do! Feel free to use this or make your own logs/posts or use IC posts on character journals, it is up to you. This is just for anyone who finds it convenient.
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Rin Natsuki pranks go here!

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(ooc: Rin pranks here it's all good!)
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[Will wasn't really down with this whole ordeal but he remembered the last time the census had come around and since this didn't involve killing anyone he figured it was better to play along than risk the consequences. Luckily his years as a teacher had taught him some pretty solid pranks. He had found out where his target lived and decided to go with the classic flaming bag on the doorstep. He felt bad about it but it was harmless right? He put the bag down on the porch, struck a match to light it and gave the doorbell a ring. He dashed to a bush off to the side to hide in wait.]
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[Rin wasn't expecting anyone so the ringing of the doorbell made her get up from the book she was reading, and head on over in her socked feet. Opening the door, she looked down.]

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[He watched from the cover of his bush as someone opened the door. He wasn't prepared for it to be a young girl...and she's not wearing any shoes...and now her porch is on fire. Mayfield be dammed, he can't just watch this. He runs out from behind the bush yelling]

"I'm sorry! Hang on I'll put it out!"
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[Rin leaped back from the fire, allowing him to take care of it. Cause really, she woulda stomped it but her shoes were removed at the door.] Okay!
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[He knows the inevitable, but it's the right thing to do. He stomps out the fire and stares at his now dirty shoes. Oh well, this is probably only the beginning so he can't really be that upset.]

"I'm really sorry, it's just I got that letter and the last time they sent those…I wouldn't have done it if I had known you were ah…I'm sorry."
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[Oooooh. Okay so that's what would have happened. She sees. She winces at that.]

That's okay, really. Just here, use the hose to wash your shoes off. [And she's going to grab it and offer it for him.]
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[he smiles painfully as be begins to rinse off his shoes.]

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Yeah, I guess it is a good prank, you just didn't expect someone my age to receive it.
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Uh, right.
[he lets out a sigh]

At least this isn't as bad as the last time…
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Bad as last time?
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Last year when they sent out the census, the consequences were a lot worse…

[he's apprehensive to go into too much detail, you can hear the change in his tone of voice.]
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It was.

[he rubs the back of his head. A nervous gesture or a subconscious clue? who knows.]
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Sorry this didn't turn out right.
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No, don't worry about it. What's the worst that can happen, right?

[that was a stupid thing to say Will...did you forget where you are?]
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I suppose you have a point then. [Smiling now too. No worries.]
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[Karkat is just minding his own business! He doesn't want to deal with pranks, but he also can't skip school, so he's walking there in the morning.
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[And there's Rin around the corner, hefting a couple of balloons swollen with water. Her target was pretty noticeable...]
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[He's not paying attention ahead of him, since he's too concerned with someone coming up behind him for some kind of prank. So he doesn't see her until he turns the corner and she's there with the balloons.

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[HURL! Several water balloons were then pitched at him at rapid speed!]
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[And he's soaking wet.]

Okay, I can't hate any of you for doing this, but you do realize there are so many far less obnoxious ways to fulfill the criteria of this asinine challenge?
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Sorry, this was the only thing that I could think about.